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Power Distribution equipment for all applications

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ide Online is the one stop shop for "off the shelf" electrical distribution and cable assemblies. We supply a comprehensive range of electrical distribution equipment including; distribution boxes, changeover panels (manual & automatic), single & three phase cable from 16A-125A up to 100M in length, 110V site transformers and electrical accessories.

Our specialist products are supplied to a diverse range of industries including; the event industry, sporting facilities, theatres, construction sites, offshore applications, data centres and military applications.

ide Online is the sister company of ide Systems, which means that we have a wealth of experience in the electrical distribution industry and can provide technical assistance to customers when they need it.

ide Online allows customers to purchase products both online and by telephone, offering a user friendly purchasing experience.

ide Online guarantee FREE DELIVERY on all orders across mainland UK. We have a wide range of delivery options at our disposal which allow us to deliver equipment across mainland Europe also - ensuring your equipment arrives when you need it.

ide Online is dedicated to ensure total customer satisfaction and offers numerous discounts to first time and existing customers. We also offer a FREE click and collect service where the customer can collect from our Centres in Glasgow, London and The Midlands. To find out more sign up.